What are the main benefits of appointing Tomizzi Builders?

Tony’s your Builder, Project Manager, Site Supervisor, Estimator and Quality Control all rolled into one which means you have one point of contact. Nothing is lost in translation because Tony is on site every day, aware of every detail and troubleshooting any potential delays. Quality over quantity is our focus; we build a select number of flawlessly constructed homes each year, which is what you’d expect from a business with a bricklaying pedigree.

What’s the most helpful advice clients have received?

That Tony can view a block and intuitively understand how the build can be achieved and which architect or designer might share your vision. That Tony contributes impartial advice whilst your drawings are in progress and helps you maximise your budget. This independence is why our clients appoint us first, and has been the key to delivering streamlined, stress-free building experiences whilst eliminating budget over-runs. Our clients tell us that choosing their builder was never an after-thought.

Do you offer an in-house architect?

Yes. You also have the freedom to appoint your preferred architect and we will collaborate closely with whoever you choose.

I’ve got my block, what’s next?

Choose us as your builder. After all, it’s your builder who’s responsible for the outstanding quality of construction and finishes that you’ll be looking at every single day for decades to come. Involving Tony Tomizzi first means he’s involved from the ground up, offering practical, no-nonsense advice that comes with 30+ years’ experience. We work collaboratively with many architects and designers or can introduce you to one aligned with your vision and your budget.

How will I know what’s going on with my build?

Status updates are provided as frequently as you like, but most clients are happy with a phone call from either Tony or Nadine Tomizzi whenever milestones are achieved, or they’re needed on site to consider important decisions. Most of our clients are genuinely time-poor professionals and trust Tony’s philosophy of honesty and transparency which comes from being on site every day.

How much do your homes cost to build?

It depends on your project. We are competitively priced and will build to your specifications and budget. Each custom build is different, and yours will be a unique reflection of your needs and aspirations. The best way to achieve value for money is to exploit our 30+ years’ experience in design, construction techniques and long-term relationships with multiple suppliers both in Perth and overseas.

How do I avoid budget blowouts?

Get us involved early. Tony is regularly invited to architectural planning meetings to provide input into building techniques and issues which might arise along the way which can trip up even the most astute clients and architects. Our clients often appoint us first. After all, you can’t live in a drawing – you live in the haven your builder and his team construct from the plans. And by choosing your builder first, you’re also protected from the quality-sapping tender process which is an outdated system for both client and builder, often causing debilitating budget blow-outs when you realise the cost estimate was simply to win your business. Instead, we provide realistic and transparent costings within your allocated budget.

I’ve already chosen my architect, what next?

Set up a three-way meeting between them, you and us. All our clients insist on Tony Tomizzi’s presence at all planning meetings because a three-way collaborative brains-trust approach ensures you have total control over your custom home build and budget, with both architect and builder on the same page from the get-go.

What style of homes do you build?

We build whatever you want.

How will I know the tradesmen you use are reliable?

Our tradesmen have been with us, like, forever! They’re loyal to Tomizzi Builders and have won awards on their own merit. Other building companies wait for our tradesmen to become available, not the other way around.

How long will my build take to complete?

Our jobs don’t sit. Tony has a reputation for time-efficient because your build is one of a select number we commit to each year, so we’re firmly focused on yours. We also run a tight and efficient team of tradesmen who have been with us for many years – they work together like symphony orchestra. And because Tony is your builder, project manager, estimator and scheduler all at the same time, less communication tiers means absolute clarity and less delays.



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