Tomizzi Difference

Builder-input during custom home design stage

“Speak to Tony Tomizzi … before you do anything else because you can trust him totally.” This sums up the advice our clients give to friends and family. Tony acts as your Project Manager, Builder, Estimator, Financial Controller and Site-Supervisor all in one, delivering total efficiency and trust in the process. After all, your builder is responsible for converting multifaceted architectural plans into the tangible, impressively finished and luxurious sanctuary you’ll inhabit every day.

Our clients often choose us before choosing their preferred architect/designer. View a short video and learn how Tony and architect Paul Hoffman collaborated to construct Western Australia’s Home of the Year in 2017.

On site every day

Tony is on site every day, coordinating deliveries, overseeing the tradesmen, monitoring quality control and is across every single aspect your build. These all-in-one brains trust means flexible rearrangement of trades if necessary, which is why a Tomizzi build is on time and eliminates the possibility of cost over-runs. Whether your home costs $500,000 or $5 million to build, your builder is pivotal to ensuring cost checking – from negotiating with suppliers for that imported or delayed “must-have” – to managing the quality control of tradesmen toiling away on your block.

Because we take on select number of builds each year, Tony’s attention to detail ensures your build runs smoothly and is finished to the highest standard. For us, less homes means more focus on your home. For you, it’s about knowing you’re getting the very best.

Award-winning builder and tradesmen

Perth’s best tradesmen work with Tomizzi Builders, so your home is constructed and finished by professionals who won 10 industry awards in 2020 on Tomizzi-built homes. Their skill and craftsmanship, combined with Tony’s expertise, ensure your home is finished to perfection. Did we mention that Tony started as a bricklayer and still trowels alongside his team?

Read how Tony unselfishly shares the Awards limelight with his team.

Custom Home Build Collaboration

A luxury home build relies on a collaboration of expertise – between us, you and your architect. You bring your vision and practical must-have’s. Tomizzi Builders brings years of independent, practical, and money-saving advice throughout every phase – liaising with you and your architect from initial site visit to final hand-over.

Avoid budget blow-outs

By appointing us first, you avoid the compromising and detrimental process of tendering your plans to the lowest bidder, a practice most often applied to off-the-plan projects. Our savvy clients usually opt for a fixed price contract, preserving the purity of their architecturally driven vision and delivering value-for-money build quality. Our clients know all costs are transparent, realistic and locked in thereby abolishing frayed tempers, material price-hikes and avoidable budget over-runs.

Tony’s first-hand knowledge of building techniques can help deliver those WOW features that set your home apart from the rest. By working with your architect throughout the design phase, Tony can provide realistic cost estimations BEFORE building commences. If it appears a feature could create a budget blow-out, preserving the creative vision can be as simple as Tony suggesting an alternative and cheaper building technique.

More questions? You’ll find answers to many on our FAQ page. Or contact us today for a no-nonsense chat with Tony.



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