We chose to build with Tony and his team for our first building project. We started with the principle of selecting an experienced and reputable builder first, and then working on design and costings from that point onwards. Tony’s practical building experience was evident from our first meeting. His attention to construction detail, and his insights on what metrics of quality to look for were invaluable when we were going through our building options.

Regardless of the scale of the building, Tony and his team apply the same diligence and build quality to every project. There were no short-cuts taken throughout the entire, multistep process. He does not undertake large volumes of work at any given time, which allows him to closely supervise each project personally. The build went smoothly from the start, and we did not have any unnecessary interruptions to our personal workflow.

Tony himself has a background as a bricklayer, and has been practically involved in all aspects of construction. We were amazed to see Tony on site nearly every single day, and he has a hands-on approach (he even did the external perimeter waterproofing by hand). He identified several potential problems with our design, and came up with solutions which improved the form and function of our house. Site meetings were planned in advance with the various trades, and any potential issues identified, and solutions found, before any work was commenced. We did not have to “second-guess” the quality of the work being done – we just let Tony and his team get on with their core business.

Tony has a long-term relationship with his tradesmen, which speaks volumes. The various trades work with each other regularly, and take exceptional care of each other’s work throughout the building process. The programming and work-flow was very smooth. We have spoken to each of his tradesmen, and they all have utmost respect for Tony, his work ethic and integrity. All members of his team were polite, helpful and truly dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes for us. They were always happy to show us their work, and give us tips for maintaining the house once completed.

Having the architect, Tony and ourselves meeting regularly from the design stage, helped us to contain our costs to within our budget. We were happy with the transparency of the costings and variations. Everything was discussed and documented accurately prior to any works being undertaken. There were no hidden surprises, and the project was delivered on time and to an agreed price.

His aftercare has also been noteworthy. Any queries or small issues that we encountered have been addressed promptly and completely.

We would have no hesitation at all in building again with Tony and his team. Thank you for building our family home.

Dr Paul Cherian and Dr Danielle Choy

This was our fourth build and first with Tony Tomizzi Builders We chose Tony to build our custom home based on reputation and experience in the building business, and most of all, the quality that set Tony Tomizzi Builders apart from the rest of the field. Tony guided us through design options to suit our budget, whilst maintaining the superior quality of the build. The build process itself was smooth and trouble free. All costs were known and agreed upfront and best of all, no hidden variation fees!

We would certainly recommend Tony Tomizzi Builders to anyone who is after not just a house but a home built with Tony’s attention to detail and pride in his product. Our home was the winner in the 2016 MBA Housing Excellence Awards, a testament to Tony’s efforts.

Our bank manager said he had many clients who, at the start of a build, claimed to be building with Perth’s best builder. However, by the end of the build, they had renounced that claim. We were his first borrowers who maintained that we did have Perth’s best builder from start to end and this reflected how well our build had gone!

Kathy and David Jones
Hurdles Drive Floreat

We have designed numerous high end homes but sadly there has always been something that wasn’t quite there. Very hard to hit perfection. This time I can say masterpiece.

We thank you for your tireless pursuit of excellence.

We will always give your our strongest recommendations

Banham Architects

Tony Tomizzi Builders were great to deal with from the first step right through until completion. They fulfilled everything we were looking for, to our absolute satisfaction.

John And Georgina Worsfold

We have just commenced the construction of our fourth City Beach home with Tony Tomizzi Builders, and once again the quality, craftsmanship and service has been impeccable. It is a testament to Tony’s abilities that our previous builds were all winners in the MBA Housing Excellence Awards. Tony is honest and approachable on the smallest building matter , his team of artisan craftsman are polite and willing to discuss any issues. Tony Tomizzi Builders would always be our first choice as he takes the worry out of the building process.

Adrian and Noelene Paul

We have worked with Tony Tomizzi throughout the construction of a multi level home in City Beach. As the architects for the project, we have been extremely impressed with Tony and his team’s attention to detail, quality of construction and administrative efficiency.

The home was completed within budget and ahead of schedule under a Cost Plus building contract. Tony coordinated the building work in a professional, organised and friendly manner at all times, making the building process a pleasant one for all concerned.

Paul Hofman



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