Kathy and David Jones

Kathy and David Jones

This was our fourth build and first with Tony Tomizzi Builders We chose Tony to build our custom home based on reputation and experience in the building business, and most of all, the quality that set Tony Tomizzi Builders apart from the rest of the field. Tony guided us through design options to suit our budget, whilst maintaining the superior quality of the build. The build process itself was smooth and trouble free. All costs were known and agreed upfront and best of all, no hidden variation fees!

We would certainly recommend Tony Tomizzi Builders to anyone who is after not just a house but a home built with Tony’s attention to detail and pride in his product. Our home was the winner in the 2016 MBA Housing Excellence Awards, a testament to Tony’s efforts.

Our bank manager said he had many clients who, at the start of a build, claimed to be building with Perth’s best builder. However, by the end of the build, they had renounced that claim. We were his first borrowers who maintained that we did have Perth’s best builder from start to end and this reflected how well our build had gone!

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